Levi the Leopard  

The Story of Levi the Leopard


Levi the leopard was born, according to a local Harrisburg veterinarian, sometime in the year 1993 on the island of Madagascar off the coast of the African continent. On January 13, 2015, what is now known as “Levi’s Crew,” were on their last day of a safari trip and found Levi injured and being chased by a group of hunters. They felt sorry for the poor leopard and saved him from the other hunters. “Levi’s Crew” brought him all the way back to Camp Curtin Academy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He now shows his gratitude to “Levi’s Crew,” Camp Curtin Academy, and the city of Harrisburg by performing at all CCA events and as many Harrisburg community events as his busy schedule will allow. Finally, we celebrate January 14, 2015 as Levi’s birthday to honor his loyalty, dedication, passion, and leadership.