Ms. McCarter

Greetings CCA Parents, Grandparents, and community members!

My name is Ms. Jane McCarter, and I'm the 6th grade Counselor at Camp Curtin Middle School in Harrisburg, PA. Also, I am responsible for a third of the 8th grade students here at Camp Curtin. Our two other counselors and myself divide the 8th grade between the three of us. I am Counselor for the following 8th grade homerooms: rooms 307, 308, and 311. 

Also, I want to let you know that here at Camp Curtin, the Counselors travel with their grade level. So I had the 5th grade level last year and followed them into 6th grade this year, and will again follow these students to 7th grade next year. It helps the students gain familiarity and feel comfortable with the Counselors year after year.

During the month of October, we will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week from October 23rd - 30th! This is a national program that teaches students to lead a drug free lifestyle. I will be talking to the CCA students about the fact that actions have consequences, which can keep us from our potential. The slogan for Red Ribbon Week this year is, "Your Future is Key, so Stay Drug Free". 

The 1st marking period will end on October 24th. Please be sure to look over your child's report card. If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me at 717-703-4208.